October 19, 2011

Temuduga SPA jawatan Pegawai Farmasi U41


Sebelum terlupa, baik aku share sikit pasal temuduga SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) bagi jawatan Pegawai Farmasi gred U41. Aku rasa terpanggil untuk share ni sebab aku agak effort jugak la contact kawan2 dari local universities untuk tahu apa format interview dan soalan2 yang biasa ditanya.  Kiranya ni format interview dan compilations soalan2 yang pernah ditanya kepada calon2 pegawai farmasi tahun ini dalam temuduga SPA jawtan Pegawai Farmasi U41. Mungkin post ni lagi beneficial untuk graduan overseas.

Enjoy! =)

  1. Format.
  • 2 orang interviewers y terdiri daripada pegawai SPA dan seorang pegawai farmasi
  • Tempoh interview tu bergantung kepada individu. Aku stay dalam bilik interview lebih kurang setengah jam. Ada member aku 15 minit je. 
  • Pegawai SPA tanya dalam Bahasa Melayu manakala pegawai farmasi tu tanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris
     2.  Soalan2 yang interviewers tanya aku
  • Siapa Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia?
  • Siapa ketua setiausaha untuk Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia?
  • Siapa pengarah Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia?
  • Nanti nak mintak kerja di negeri mana?   

  • Why do you want to be a pharmacist at the first place)?
  • How is the learning system in The University of Manchester?
  • How about the failure rate of pharmacy students during your study in Manchester? (she knew the fact that Manchester have high failure rates)
  • How do you report adverse drug reaction (ADR)?
  • How do you identify patients with ADR and how to distinguish them in clinical practise?
  • How is the acceptance of UK doctors towards generic prescriptions? 
  • Warfarin counselling
  • What to monitor for patients with warfarin?
  • Which department or service do u like?

Klik link di bawah ni utk download soalan2 temuduga SPA jawatan Pegawai Farmasi U41yang sempat aku compile dari budak2 farmasi local universities.

Download: Compilation of questions asked for SPA interview pegawai farmasi u41

Ok guys, hope this helps. Please say thanks in the comment section below if u found this post beneficial and let me know if the link is broken.

NB: credits to those who gave me these questions.


Anonymous said...

Hello there.. just wanted to drop by to say thank you so for posting the format and type of questions would be asked during the SPA interview..I've just returned from UK and will be having an interview in 10days (currently very nervous) and I've found the tips are very useful. Once again, thank you so much for posting.

Oh ..by the way, the link for "Compilation of questions asked for SPA interview pegawai farmasi u41" is not working, would you please kindly upload it again .. Thanks and have a nice day....


Saliha Hussein said...

Salam. Thank you for your enlightenment regarding the interview. Do you perhaps still have the file? I know it's quite some time now but if you still have it it'll be great. The link is broken :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Latiffi,

Thanks for sharing the format & questions. However, the link for "Compilation of questions asked for SPA interview pegawai farmasi u41" is broken, would appreciate it if you could please kindly upload it again.

Thank you in advance.

Best wishes,