December 22, 2011

Matching a tie to your shirt

Salam wrt.. I've read a couple of websites regarding how to match a tie to dress shirt. So, i think it is a good idea to share my 'take-home messages' form those websites.

1. The rule of thumb is, the colour of your tie should always be darker than your shirt.

2. Tie and shirt should have at least has one colour in common.

3. White shirt can go well with any tie. In fact, if you want to show off the tie, put it on a white shirt.

4. Stripe on stripe is okay but watch the scale of patterns. A wide stripe tie is the match for narrow stripe shirt.

5. Same colour shirt and tie is still a valuable options eventhough it has been done for decades.

6. But, if you dont want to match the same colour, you can use coordinates colour. Here you go:
- blue shirt can be matched with yellow, red and gold ties.
- tan shirt can be matched with brown ties.
- pink shirt is a match to navy blue or burgundy ties.

It wasnt that hard afterall, but these tips can avoid mismatch and more importantly can actually raise your confidence. Have a try, and pass it around! =)

NB: A necktie with a short sleeve shirt is a big no-no.

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